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4DS is founded in 2007 as an engineering bureau, by Ivan Yordanov, a structural engineer. The company was located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Executing a huge amount of structural projects, varying in scope and complexity we have specialized in climbing wall projects.


In 2010 the head office of the company is moved in Leipzig, Germany, where 4DS has evolved to a climbing facilities manufacturer. From then up to now we succeed to build some of the most beautiful, popular and well organized Boulder gyms in Germany.


Our team included some of the best designers and engineers in the branch, as well as the hardest assembly groups and most précised manufacturers.


Our ethos is to show soul in the design, brain in the engineering, hearth and power in the manufacturing and installation in every one of our projects.




We are highly specialized in climbing walls and boulders design. Considering every angle of your wall we can reach together with our clients the best design performance of the whole gym.


Design phase is a complex process considering


  • Specific of the building, type and place of each wall or facility.

  • Type of structure and installation method.

  • Graphic phase: 3D models, Technical drawings, Renderings and/or Animations.

  • Final design approved by the client.

  • Time planning




  • 3D static model

  • Full static calculation and reports.

  • Assembly drawings.

  • Fabrication drawings and specifications.




The manufacturing begins before the engineering is finished for a faster process.


  • Fabricate steel of wooden substructure.

  • Manufacture climbing wall surface.

  • Shipping preparation




  • Unloading the wall, preparation of the installation site of our technicians.

  •  Assembling of the walls

  • Coating  and colouring wall surfaces( when this method is chosen in design phase)

  • Final checking and approval


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